Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Letter B

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Letter B unit to help kids learn to form alphabet letter B while learning about butterflies, counting, and colors with fun activities and butterfly crafts.

Books to Read this week:

tissue paper butterfly craft

Day #1 - Craft

Tear up tissue paper into different size squares. Draw an outline of a butterfly using permanent marker onto contact paper.

Open the contact paper so the sticky size is facing your child. Have your child place tissue paper on butterfly. Cut out butterfly. 

Optional: Add additional contact paper to seal in tissue paper  Hang on a window so catch light.

Optional other butterfly crafts: 

Letter B unit to help kids learn to form alphabet letter B while learning about butterflies, counting, and colors with fun activities and butterfly crafts.

Day #2 – Making the Letter B

Using these alphabet play dough mats, have your drop colored water onto the butterfly using an eye dropper to make a beautiful butterfly.

Using an eye dropper is a lot of fun and great for developing motor skills.

For children wanting additional worksheets try these FREE Printables:
hatching butterflies

Day #3 – Science & Butterfly Lifecycles

I know this activity takes a little more prep, but it is hard to compete with hatching and watching your own butterflies! If you are able to, I highly suggest getting this butterfly kit and watching butterflies transform from caterpillars to butterflies. It is a wonderful life stages visual for early learners and will be so memorable!

Introduce your child to how scientists make and record observations by having them draw pictures along the way and compiling them into a notebook. You can grab this free: Hatching Butterflies Pictures & FREE Printable notebook


Day #4 – Feed the Butterflies
Wrap a toilet paper roll in green construction paper and add a pipe cleaner cut in half to each side (making antennae).  Add some google eyes to the rim between the antennae.

Set out the caterpillar (s) and some small colorful pom poms. Tell your child the butterfly is hungry and wants to eat:
  • All the yellow pom poms (great for color recognition)
  • 5 pom poms (great for early math / counting practice) NOTE: Make sure they count out loud as they put them in his mouth)
  • Dump out and repeat with more instructions
simple butterfly craft for kids toddler, preschool, prek, kindergarten

Day #5 – Butterfly Sensory Bin

Color bow tie pasta various colors (here is a tutorial on dying rice or pasta). Once the pasta is thoroughly dyed put it in a bin. Add several containers, kitchen tongs and allow them to use their senses while playing and exploring the sensory bin. They can sort the butterflies, measure the pasta with measuring cups, or furthers explore butterflies by using these optional items:

Additional Activities:

  • Visit a Butterfly Garden - If you are fortunate enough to live by a museum, zoo, or nature center that has a live butterfly garden go visit. 
  • Grow a Butterfly Garden – Plant a butterfly bush, phlox, coneflowers, Salvia, Black Eyes Susans, or other plants butterflies like and watch butterflies come to your backyard. You can leave an orange cut in half to encourage butterflies to come to the area.

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