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FREE School Bus Counting to 10

Kindergarten age kids will have fun practicing counting and addition with this clever, back to school themed, Free School Bus Counting to 10 math activity!  FREE School Bus Counting to 10 - kindergarten age kids will have fun with this clever back to school themed math activity where kids will practice addition within 10 #backtoschool #kindergarten #math

Counting to 10

Are you preparing your kids to go back to school yet? Or perhaps you have started a new school year already? This school bus counting to 10 activity is perfect for the young ones heading to school and super fun too!

This school bus counting to 10 set of printables are similar to a Ten Frames activity except that it the 10 blocks are next to each other representing the bus windows. There are 10 places for children to ride the bus and you have ti fill the bus, so fun!

Count 1-10 with this fun, free printable kindergarten math activity for the first day of school

Count 1-10

Simply print, laminate and cut the busses and the sum block cards. (Or if you’d rather use a dry erase pocket if it is easier). Add a dry-erase marker and a few buttons (see the different colors I used, to represent a variety of skin tones? Not necessary, but a good idea in a multi-racial school).

school bus math perfect for prek and kindergartners as part of a back to school theme

School Bus Math

Pick a bus card. First count the children already on the bus. Write down that number in the first circle of the sum card.

FREE School Bus printable to practice addition and counting within 10

Use the buttons to fill the bus. This step is great for fine motor practice too!

Now count the buttons and write down the number in the second circle on the sum card. And you have your sum- 3+7= 10!

Super cute and FREE back to school printable to help prek and kindergarten age kids practice math

Addition within 10

Fill all ten of the bus cards and make all the sums to practice counting to 10 using different numbers! A great way to demonstrate combinations of number making ten: 0+10, 1+9, 2+8, 3+7, 4+6, 5+5!

Such a fun and hands-on way to practice counting to 10, discover combinations of 10 and develop fine motor skills too! Perfect for Back to School time!

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Back to School Printables

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Download School Bus Sums

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