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Unicorn B and D Maze Worksheets

Do your kids have trouble writing letters backwards or just with letter reversal? Mixing up letters like b and d is common and with a little bit of practice – like these Unicorn B and D Maze Worksheets they will get the in no time.

FREE B and D Maze Worksheets - help kid practice identifying letters b d which preschool, kindergarten, and first graders often mix up with this fun, letter game! Also includes worksheets for working on p q and n u #letterreversal #lettersbd #kindergarten

My kindergartner has been reading & writing really well for almost 5 months now. It makes this mama’s heart so happy. Of course I am a little sad she’s growing up and not my baby anymore, but it is so fun to watch her learn and grow at the same time. One thing, though that she has an issue with is letter reversal. Mostly b & d but also sometimes p, q, u and n.
It is a common thing with emergent readers and writers. It doesn’t stop her from reading and writing, but she does need to correct it. Another thing my daughter loves is unicorns. To say there is an obsession would be putting it lightly. So these Unicorn Letter Reversal Mazes are the perfect way to help her practice in a fun way.

Fun Kindergarten Learning Activities

Unicorn B and D Maze Worksheets

It is not required to have unicorns, or any other fun theme, blasted all over worksheets for kids. What it does do, though, is make learning fun. For children who may not necessarily LOVE learning activities, these fun themes can help motivate them to at least try. I would say once children learn something and can grasp the concept it is more fun for them to do the activities.

Included in this free printable are letter mazes covering: b, d, p, q, u and n. Each page focuses on a different letter. The point of the maze is to help the unicorn on the top of the maze get to the unicorn on the bottom of the maze. This is done by giving her a path. The path contains the letter that the particular maze is focusing on.


For the Letter ‘b’ Maze, have the child color the squares that contain the letter ‘b’. This will create a path from one unicorn to the other. We also colored the other letters with a different color, this was just for fun. Each sheet contains the same design but the mazes are all different from each other. Each maze contains the letter that is focused as well as all of the other letters including: b, d, p, q, u, and n.

Letter Reversal


Benefits Of Unicorn Letter Reversal Maze

This activity can help children focus on one letter at a time. This can help them remember which letter is which and in which direction it goes. This will assist children in preventing the letter reversal confusion.

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