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  1. Leigh Ann says:

    We’ve been doing country studies for our homeschool and loving the resources here! So, I was pretty bummed this week when I saw that the country collage coloring pages were no longer available. Have they been moved, or is there some way that I can get copies of them? Thanks so much!

    1. KindergartenWorksheetsandGames says:

      Hi Leigh, Unfortunately the clipart artist felt the collage was a violation of her terms of use. I worked non-stop the last 2 days to update all of our packs to meet her terms, while still giving all you readers access to the pages. Sorry the format changed. I liked that I spy style too, but these are fun too.

      1. Leigh Ann says:

        Well, that’s disappointing. But, thanks for all your hard work! I really appreciate it!

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