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Short Vowel Sounds Worksheets

The foundations of reading are built on learning phonics. The best place to begin is with practicing short vowel sounds. Once your child masters short vowel sounds you continue on like stepping stones until reading is achieved. Taking it in steps will benefit you and your child. So let’s get started with short vowel sounds!

FREE Short Vowel Sounds Worksheets - these free printable kinderarten worksheets are a great tool for kids to work on identifying vowels and the sounds they make #shortvowels #kindergarten

Short Vowel Sounds

Download your worksheets about learning short vowel sounds to get started on the road to reading. Before beginning each worksheet, go over each image to ensure there are no mistakes or confusion on which beginning sound the image is referring to. Help kids learn about short vowels with these free printables for kindergarnters

Short Vowel Sounds Worksheets

  1. Before beginning go over the vowels and make sure your child can recognize the letters. The next step is using the worksheet that instructs your child to match the letter to the image that has the same beginning vowel sound.
  2. On the Beginning Vowel Sounds sheet, have your child say the name of the image. Then ask her what the beginning sound is and have her circle the letter below that matches the sound.
  3. Writing practice is pretty straight forward since the main function is working on handwriting. However, as your child writes each letter have her say the sound of the vowel. The interaction of writing and saying the vowel sound will solidify the concept.
  4. The last page is a mini book your child can keep with her to remind her of the vowel sounds. So any time she forgets she can look at the book and the key word will help her remember. Feel free to have your child color the mini book as well!
To extend the lesson beyond the worksheets you can have your child go on a short vowel scavenger hunt around your house. Give extra points if she finds items with middle or ending vowel sounds.

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