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50+ Free Kindergarten Emergent Readers

When it comes to learning to read, these free kindergarten emergent readers are designed to keep kids interested and reading. These emergent readers will allow children to demonstrate all of their reading skills as they have fun reading about extreme weather, bugs, farm animals and more.

50+ Free Kindergarten Emergent Readers - looking for free printable books to help your kindergarten become a better reader? We've found all the best emergent readers for you to print and be ready to practice reading with kindergartners #kindergarten #emergentreaders #printablebooks

Emergent Readers

Learning to read is all about having the right tools. Since you want to make reading fun for kindergartners, it’s important to find books that will help them feel successful, while also letting them have fun. These free kindergarten emergent readers are perfect for the job!

Print off of of these emergent readers to help prek and kindergarten age kids practice reading.

Holidays & Seasons

A great way to celebrate the different holidays and seasons of the year is with some reading! These free kindergarten emergent readers will give your kindergartener the practice they need in reading, all while keeping with the theme of the season. From President’s Day to Thanksgiving, there’s an emergent reader for every month of the year.

  1. Election Day Emergent Reader – Election Day is an important holiday that every kid needs to know about!
  2. First Thanksgiving Emergent Reader – Don’t forget to celebrate Thanksgiving Day with this emergent reader.
  3. Mitten Printable Emergent Reader – Winter is cold but mittens can help keep you warm. Find out more with this reader.
  4. “This Shaped Heart” Emergent Reader – Valentine’s Day is all about shapes in this beginner’s book!
  5. Fall Color Words Emergent Reader – What colors do you expect to see during the fall? This book will teach all about it.
  6. Veterans Day Emergent Reader – Honor the men and women who have served our country with this emergent reader.
  7. Counting Groundhogs Easy Reader Book – This groundhog themed book is perfect for beginning readers.
  8. Snowman Counting Book – Celebrate winter with a snowman-themed book!
  9. Presidents’ Day Emergent Reader – Here’s a fun emergent reader for celebrating President’s Day.
  10. Ice Cream Emergent Reader – Keep cool this summer with a little bit of ice cream … ice cream reading, that is!
  11. Mittens Emergent Reader – Discover all of the different mittens you can see in this book.
  12. Earth Day Emergent Reader – This emergent reader will teach your kindergartner all about Earth Day.
  13. Spring Counting Easy Reader Book – There are so many things to see in this spring easy reader.
  14. Springtime Sight Word Reader – Sight words are fun to learn with this springtime book.

These beginning reader books for kindergarten age kids are a great way for kids to gain confidence and reading fluency practicing key sight words.

Printable Books

Having fun reading is key to developing a lot of reading. These fun kindergarten emergent readers will help kids develop a love of reading and learning that will last a lifetime. From superheroes to princesses, kindergartners will have a blast reading.

  1. Bugs Sight Words Reader – Bugs are fun to read about with this sight word reader.
  2. Emergent Readers about Pets – There’s so much to learn about pets with these readers.
  3. What is My Pet Easy Reader Book – Will your kindergartner be able to guess what the pet is in this book?
  4. Princess Reader Books – Do you know a kindergartner who loves princesses? This book will make them happy!
  5. Scarecrow Emergent Reader – Practice sight words, color words and reading with this fun book.
  6. Penguin Emergent Readers – These books are filled with adorable penguins!
  7. Super Hero Reader Books – These beginning books are perfect for the superhero in your life.
  8. Dinosaur Emergent Reader – This dinosaur-themed book helps kids practice number words, color words, and sight words!
  9. Cars and Toy Story Readers – These emergent readers get kids excited to read because they’re all about the movies Cars and Toy Story!
  10. Penguin Reader – This penguin reader will teach your kids all about penguins.
  11. Insect Emergent Readers – Kindergartners will love coloring in this insect book!
  12. Hungry Caterpillar Days of the Week Reader – The hungry caterpillar is here to teach kindergartners about the days of the week!
  13. Farm Emergent Reader – What will your kindergartner see on the farm? Find out with this emergent reader.

Grab one of these 50 printable books to help kindergartners practice reading!

Counting, Shapes & Colors

There are so many ways that reading can also help teach other subjects. These free kindergarten emergent readers will help your child learn all about counting, shapes, and colors. Kids will love following along to these books, coloring in the pictures, and counting the pictures.

  1. Counting Farm Animals – This emergent reader will help your kindergartner learn to count.
  2. 5 Little Monkeys Counting Book – Does your kindergartner love the 5 little monkeys? Then this is the beginning book for them!
  3. Rainbow Emergent Reader – Learn all the colors of the rainbow with this book.
  4. Count to 10 Bugs Coloring Book – Counting and coloring have never been so fun than with this bugs book.
  5. Count to 10 Zoo Animals Emergent Reader – The zoo animals are here to help your kindergartner with counting and reading.
  6. Monster Counting Emergent Reader – These monsters are here to teach your kids how to count and read.
  7. Fall Shapes Emergent Reader – This fall-themed book will teach your kindergartner all about basic shapes.
  8. Watermelon Counting Book – How many seeds can you see in each watermelon slice? Have fun counting with this book!
  9. Pet Shop Count to 20 Emergent Reader – Have fun counting the different pets in the pet shop with this emergent reader.
  10. Shapes Emergent Reader – Want to teach your kindergartner all about shapes? This book can help!
  11. Hungry Caterpillars Number Practice – Numbers are fun to learn and write with this caterpillar book.
  12. Dinosaur Emergent Reader – This dinosaur book is all about learning color words … and having fun coloring in pictures!

These free emergent readers are super convenient - just print, color, and READ!

Language Arts, Science & Social Studies

From phonics to community helpers, these free kindergarten emergent readers will teach kids all about reading, science, and social studies. Science topics vary, including interesting emergent readers on life cycles, weather and more. Social studies emergent readers will teach about emotions and community helpers. Language arts will be taught with phonics and sight word emergent readers. There are so many things to learn with this list of free emergent readers!

  1. Emergent Readers About Extreme Weather – What is extreme weather? Find out with this book.
  2. Kindergarten Sight Words Emergent Reader – This emergent reader is all about the sight word which.
  3. Arctic Emergent Readers – There’s so much to learn about the Arctic with these books.
  4. Frog Life Cycle Emergent Reader – Life comes full circle with this frog life cycle book.
  5. Emotions Emergent Reader – Learn how to recognize different emotions with this book.
  6. Color & Trace Blends Book – Reading blends is easy with this emergent reader.
  7. Emotions Reader – Kindergartners will love coloring this emotions emergent reader.
  8. Emergent Readers about Space – Have fun coloring and reading with this space book.
  9. CVC Words Short A Book – Learning how to sound out words with the short A sound is fun with this book.
  10. Food Emergent Readers – Here are some great book for learning about food, including how it’s grown and the different food groups.
  11. Trigraph Emergent Reader – Master blending 3 letters together with this emergent reader.
  12. Community Helper Emergent Readers – Can your kindergartner name any community helpers? They’ll be able to after reading these books!

Beginning Reader Books Kindergarten

These free kindergarten emergent readers will help kids practice reading, all while learning! From counting books to superhero books, this list of 50+ free kindergarten emergent readers is perfect for parents and teachers.

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