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Kindergarten Farm Unit

Get ready to make learning fun, engaging, and memorable for a whole month with this Kindergarten Farm Unit. This huge pack is loaded with 220+ math and literacy worksheets, hands on math activities, engaging literacy activities, 6 science experiments, social studies emergent readers, farm life cycles, and so much more in this Farm Unit for kids to learn while having FUN!

HUGE Kindergarten Farm Unit - 220+ printable worksheets, activities, games, readers, and more for kids to learn about the farm and alphabet, phonics, rhyming, word families, short vowels, sentences, reading comprehension, counting, writing numbers, number words, addition, subtraction, money, telling time, patterns, science experiments, life cycles, sequencing, seasons, plants, pumpkins, eggs, farm animals, and so much more!! HOLY SMOKES!! LOVE THIS!!! #farm #preschool #kindergarten #1stgrade

Kindergarten Farm Unit

This Kindergarten Farm Unit t is HUGE! It is chalked full of so many math, literacy, science, and social studies worksheets and activities you won’t need to open a boring text book for a month!  Just dive in to the fun farm theme in the spring or fall to learn everything you Kindergarten student needs to know.

Here is a peak of what you’ll find:

HUGE farm unit for kids including science experiments, social studies, worksheets, readers, crafts and more for preschool, kindergarten and first grade kids

Farm Unit Kindergarten

First of all, it is all SUPER organized so you can find what you want, when you need it. Everything is organized in separate files by the following categories, and each file begins with a picture table of contents with instructions and answer keys:

  • Math Worksheets
  • Math Activities
  • Literacy Worksheets
  • Literacy Activities
  • Science Experiments (with printables)
  • Social Studies (with worksheets and emergent readers)

Farm Theme


There are SO many fun, clever, and unique math worksheets to pick just the right activity to help engage your Kindergartner and help them have fun while learning. Just print the black and white, NO PREP math worksheet you like. Concepts covered include:

  • Pre-writing tracing & coloring pages (strengthening motor skills so they can write!)
  • Counting
  • Number Recognition
  • Counting by 10s
  • What comes Next
  • Addition (with cute counter)
  • Number Words
  • Patterns
  • Number Worksheets
  • Telling Time to the hour
  • American Money
FREE Carrots Trace & Erase numbers 1-20

Farm Unit

Kids love colorful, hands on activities to learn math! These LOW PREP, colorful, hands on math activities are perfect to entertain and engage young learners.
Farm Unit american money practice for kindergarten and first grade
Included you will find:
  • Pre-Writing Write & Wipe Strips
  • Farm Counting Clip Cards
  • Pulling Carrots (writing numbers 1-20)
  • Farm Puzzles (counting 0-15, 0-20, by 10s to 100)
  • Eggs in a Nest (adding & subtracting on a ten frame)
  • Hands on Duck Adding (cute adding mat)
  • Crazy Shape Hens (identifying + graphing shapes)
  • Bales of Money (American money)
  • Pumpkin Seed Estimation
  • Colorful Farm (color puzzles)

Farm Unit Literacy Worksheets

Kids seem to really like worksheets – especially cute ones! Your Kindergarten student is going to love these worksheets that are cute, LOW PREP, and great at covering the following skills:
  • upper case / lower case letters
  • beginning sounds
  • syllables
  • animal names
  • rhyming
  • alphabet order
  • tracing letters
  • short vowels
  • sentences
  • reading / reading comprehension
  • sight words

Farm Unit Literacy Activities

These super fun, hands on literacy activities will help kids learn and review lots of skills. These activities are mostly in color and reusable, but are still LOW PREP so you can spend your time teaching and engaging instead of prepping. Included:
  • Farm Vocabulary
  • Hen House Word Families
  • Syllables on the Farm
  • Tractor Rhyming
  • Farm Spelling
  • Apple Upper Case / Lower Case
  • Apple Name Recognition
  • Short Vowels in the Pig Pen
  • Sight Words Board Games

Farm Unit Science & Social Studies

What I love most about this farm unit is that it dives down keep and covers ALL SUBJECTS for a truly complete unit study. Here is what you can expect to find in this section:
  • Where do Farm Animals Live Emergent Reader (and comprehension worksheet)
  • What’s on the Farm coloring page (name recognition activity)
  • Fruit /or Vegetable Cut & Paste Worksheet
  • Farm or Zoo Animal Cut & Paste Worksheet
  • Seasons on the Farm Flip Book (with pictures to color and text to learn)
  • Baby Farm Animals Game (did you know a baby turkey is called a poult)
  • Where does Milk come from Sequencing
  • Sequencing the Origin of Eggs
  • Making Orange Juice Sequencing
  • Wheat Processing from Sequencing
  • Life Cycle of a Chicken
  • Pumpkin Life Cycles
  • The Life Cycle of Plants
  • CHICKENS – take an in-depth look at chickens / eggs with two fun egg science experiments complete with instructions, explanation, and worksheet.Plus worksheets to label life cycle, parts of a chicken, emergent reader, and chicken vocabulary.
  • PUMPKINS – take an in-depth look at pumpkins with a pumpkin craft and experiment (including explanation and worksheet). Plus pumpkin worksheet to label parts of a pumpkin (inside and out) and their life cycle.
  • PLANTS – take an in-depth look at plants with three science experiments that explore parts of a plant and leaves. Each include process, explanation, and worksheet to chart experiment. Also included are life cycle and what does a plant need worksheets.


Grab our amazingHUGE Farm Unit here! 


Kindergarten Printables

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