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Outer Space ABC Seek and Find with Color By Letter Printable

You are going to love this clever ABC Seek and Find that comes with a FREE Color by Letter picture.

ABC Search and Find Activity with FREE Space Color By Letter Worksheets - this is such a clever combination of two fun activities to help toddler, preschool, prek, and kindergarten age kid practice identifying alphabet letters while improving fine motor skills and having FUN! #letterfind #alphabet #kindergarten

My almost Kindergartner loves learning so much, which I can not complain about at all. She enjoys printables, reading and is full of questions. I hope this continues throughout her whole life. I also hope that I can continue to provide her with what she needs to feed her brain.

This ABC game is our last creation and obsession. I asked her what she wanted to do and she said ABCs, coloring and outer space. So to please my eager 5 year old, I created this Outer Space ABC Seek and Find Color By Letter Printable.

ABC Seek and Find

search and find bottle
Do you frequent the dollar store? I do. Besides the prices being compared to none, I find so much inspiration walking up and down the aisles. This is one of the activities that I came up with in my local dollar store.

I found these awesome letter beads and knew I wanted to make a sensory bottle. I found some clear hair gel, a bottle of water and some colorful beads to add a pop of fun in the bottle. That’s it. $4. And it can be used in so many other activities than just with these printables. This sensory bottle is fantastic for helping with letter recognition, using searching and finding skills, as well as having a calming affect for kids.

Color By Letter

color by letter

I try and create activities that can keep my daughters attention but also help her learn. She is into space right now, so with her help we made these outer space printables. If the theme of the activity is interesting to her she is more interested which means she sticks with the activity for longer. In turn that means she learns more or gets more practice with what is in front of her.

These color by letter printables are beneficial because they help children with letter recognition,assist in following directions and they show children the importance of finishing what they started. Not to mention this is helping with strengthening hand muscles, by holding the colored pencil or crayon, that are necessary for writing. This can also help children master coloring inside the lines.

ABC Seek and Find Activity

Rocket Ship Seek and Find Color Sheet

I started by asking my daughter to get the five colored pencils she would need: Red, Blue, Yellow, Green and Orange. I placed the printable in front of her and explained the different parts of the printable.

  • Color Guide: This shows the letters included (A-E) and how they are matched up with the particular colors. I explained that each letter is matched to one letter. When she is ready to color a particular section, she can look up and see which color matches with that letter.
  • Helpful Tip: If your little one can’t read the color names yet, it is super helpful to draw a box around the color name in the matching color.
  • Picture: The picture is broken down into different parts and labeled with a letter. This is the letter that will be connected to the colors in the Color Guide. Next I told her to pick a part that she wanted to color first. I asked her the letter that was assigned and then asked her to use the ABC Search and Find Bottle and find the letter in there first.
abc alphabet

Once she found it in the bottle she could go back to the printable and color that part in. When that was finished we started over with a new section and a new letter. After the first few times I was able to step away and let her continue the activity and get the dishes done. It was perfect. She had so much fun with the activity, she was learning and being enriched and I got the dishes done. WIN!

ABC Alphabet   

Seek and Find Alphabet Printable Activity

Download Space Color By Letter

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