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Read Color and Learn about INDIA

Ready to learn about a huge, highly populated country in Asia? Children will have fun learning about India for kids. These FREE Printable India Coloring Pages introduce preschool, pre k, kindergarten, first grade, 2nd grade, 3rd grade, 4th grade, and 5th grade students to the this country where they speak English and Hindi. Many people know India for the cotton sari women wear,  the large city of New Delhi, fascinating animals, and the stunning Taj Mahal.

India Coloring Pages

Learning about different cultures and ways of life can be fun with this India Coloring page. They are a great way for young children in the toddler, kindergarten, preschool and grade 1 age bracket to learn about buildings, animals and food that are found in India. They will also learn about the flag of India, Indian map, and the famous animals in India.

Have you seen our growing number of country coloring pages – we have over 20 already for you to teach your child about countries around the world and geography. They are a great way for young children in preschoolers, kindergartners, toddlers, grade 1, grade 2, grade 3, and grade 4 students to learn about landmarks, animals and food from countries around the world.

Plus, don’t miss our huge collection of over 1000 pages of free coloring pages by theme!

India for Kids

Whether you are a parent, teacher, or homeschoolers – these are a great introduction to India,

  • Bay of Bengal where tigers swim in the same rivers as dolphins, sea turtles, sharks, and saltwater crocodiles
  • Himalayas where snow leopard, bears, black bucks, tiger, and one-horned rhinoceros roam
  • Cows are sacred and cannot be harmed; they can be seen roaming streets, often causing traffic jams.

Start by scrolling to the bottom of the post, under the terms of use, and click on the text link that says >> _____ <<. The pdf file will open in a new window for you to save the freebie and print the pages. There are several template options with these India coloring sheets.


India Printables

After reading books on India or researching using the internet, this coloring page is a great way to reinforce what they have been learning about. To complete, just print the page you want to use. These simple, no-prep, free colouring pages are perfect to help kids learn about India.

Set out the black and white coloring sheets with crayons, markers, colored pencils, gel pens, etc to color or decorate how you wish. This coloring page could also be laminated and used as a playdough mat or a placemat.


India Facts for Kids

In this pack, there are two coloring pages. One of these pages contains the names of the images, while the other one doesn’t. While decorating these pages, children will learn about:

  • curry
  • elephant
  • Indian boy & girl,
  • Indian flag
  • India Gate,
  • map of India
  • Indian dancer
  • poppadoms
  • qurub minar
  • sacred cow,
  • sitar,
  • Taj Mahal

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India Coloring Book

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