30 Kindergarten Money Activities

These kindergarten money activities are a fun way for children to learn all about dollars, coins, counting, and money value. This collection of ideas includes activities such as coin sorting and store games that give kids practice identifying and counting money. No matter what skill level kids are at, there’s something for everyone when it comes to learning about money.

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Kindergarten Money Activities

There are so many fun ways to learn about money. These kindergarten money activities will give kids hands-on and fun ways to practice identifying coins and counting money. Beginners can play money sorts as they learn to identify the different coins. As they learn and master coin identification, they can learn the value of coins and even add coins together! Here are money games, activities, printables and worksheets that will give kindergarteners the practice they need to become money masters.


Money Games for Kids

Games are great for learning math because they give kids a fun way to practice. These money games will get kids excited to learn and practice what they know about coins. From a scavenger hunt to a mini-golf file folder game, there’s sure to be a fun game for every kid, no matter what their interest or skill level is.

  1. Hungry Caterpillars Money Game – Very Hungry Caterpillar fans can now practice money with this fun game.
  2. No Prep Money Games – This roll & cover math game makes it easy to practice money.
  3. Counting Coins Scavenger Hunt – Here’s a fun game that will get kids up and moving! Who will find all of the items on the scavenger hunt first?
  4. Grocery Task Cards Money Games – Challenge kids to figure out how much money they need in this game.
  5. Names of Coins Game – This money game will teach kids the names of each coin!
  6. Counting Coins Money Games – Counting coins has never been so fun as it is with this game.
  7. Mini Golf Money Practice – This file folder game gives kids a fun way to practice money … and mini-golf!
  8. Fill the Piggy Bank – Fill the piggy bank with the correct amount of coins with this money game.
  9. Counting Money with Caterpillars – This printable money game gives kids hands-on practice with coins.
  10. Coin Value Puzzles – Will kids be able to match coin values with this puzzle?

money games for kids

Money Activities

It’s important for kids to use hands-on activities when learning. Hands-on activities engage the brain in a different way. This will help kids remember the skill more easily, making it a valuable learning tool. These hands-on money activities will get kids moving and help them learn how to identify coins, their value and more.

  1. Coin Sorting Mat & Activity – Give kids a handful of coins and see if they can sort them correctly!
  2. Counting Money Busy Bag – This DIY hands-on activity is a great way to practice counting money.
  3. Donut Shop Math – Have fun setting up a donut shop and practicing money.
  4. Muffin Tin Coin Counting – This sorting activity is easy .. all you need is a muffin tin, cupcake liners, and coins.
  5. Coin Sorting Tray – Transform a simple tray into a hands-on money activity. Here’s how.
  6. Design a Coin Activity – Kids will have fun designing their own coins after studying money.
  7. Coin Value Clip Cards – Here’s a money activity that kids can play independently or in small groups.
  8. Money Math for Kindergarten – There are so many hands-on ways to learn about money and coins. Here are a few.
  9. Coins for Fine Motor Play and Learning – These fine motor activities are fun ways to learn money, from a loose change search to filling the piggy bank.
  10. Coin Sorting – This hands-on activity can be done with a handful of change and a few containers.

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Free Money Worksheets

Printables and worksheets are easy to use, making it a great go-to for teaching a new skill. Printables can be laminated and drawn on with a dry erase marker or simply be written on with a pencil or crayon. These money worksheets and printables will give kids the chance to practice (and practice some more) and master everything they need to know about money.

  1. Color the Coins Money Worksheets – This worksheet will give kids plenty of practice learning money.
  2. Fold & Read Coin Book – These printable books will help kids learn all about coins and their value.
  3. Pig Money Worksheet – Print this worksheet out for some money learning fun!
  4. Free Coin Sorting and Matching Printables – This printable will give kids a fun way to practice sorting coins.
  5. Money Cut & Paste Book – After making this printable book, kids can cut and paste the correct coins on each page.
  6. Counting Money with a Hundred Chart – A printable hundreds chart will make it easy for kids to learn how to count money.
  7. Robot Money Practice – This money printable can be used for learning centers or played individually!
  8. Sorting Coins with Beginning Letter Sounds – Kids can use the beginning letter of coins to sort them with this printable.
  9. Money Mini Book for Kids – This mini-book printable is a fun way for kids to learn the different coins, their value, and how to add them together.
  10. Exploring Money with Coin sorting Fun – This coin sorting printable is easy to make and kids will enjoy learning about money with it.

These kindergarten money activities are fun for kids. They can learn all about coins and practice working with them so that they can master this important math skill.

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