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A to Z of Slime Recipes and Ideas

If your kids love some, they’ll love this amazing list of alphabet slime recipes and ideas!

TONS of clever Alphabet Slime REcipes and Ideas perfect for letter ofther of the week, alphabet bags, and learning lettesr with preschool, kindergarten, toddler, and sensory fun! #slime #alphabet #kindergarten

Alphabet Slime Recipes

These alphabet slime ideas are great for hands on letter learning. You can make a special batch of slime for each letter of the alphabet.  Make some luscious red apple slime, try some bubblegum slime, or how about some edible candy corn slime! There are enough slime recipes and ideas on this list to keep you playing right through the alphabet.


Alphabet Activities

Each letter of the alphabet has a slime recipe, or activity (or two, or three, or more!) to go with it. No matter what letter you are teaching there is a fun slime idea to try.

A is for apple, alien, and alphabet!

B is for buttons, bats, bear, blood, and bubblegum.

C is for cinnamon, crayons, candy corn, and camo, cherries, cake, cookies, cinnamon and caterpillar.

D is for dinosaur, dragon, and dalmations.

slime recipes for letter e f g h

E is for eyeballs, emoji, and elf.

F is for fish, fairies, frog, and feathers.

G is for gingerbread, ghosts, gummy bears, glitter, and galaxy.

H is for hot chocolate, honey, and the Hulk.

easly slime recipes for letter i j k l

I for ice cream, and insects

J is for jello, jungle, and jelly beans.

K is for kool-aid

L is for lemon, lavender, Lego, and ladybug.


Alphabet Bags

Use all these clever ideas to make memorable, sensory Alphabet bags for toddler, preschool, kindergarten, and first grade kids.

fun slime play ideas for letter m n o p

M is for marshmallows, monsters, mud, and mermaids

N is for neon, New Years, nebula, and night sky.

O is for ocean, and orange.

P is for pumpkin, peppermint, pizza, and princess.

best slime recipes for letter q r s t

Q is for queen.

R is for rainbow, rose, and rabbit.

S is for shark, snow, sport, sand, and spiders.

T is for toothpaste, tree, tinkerbell, and trolls!

fun ideas for slime recipes for letter u v w x

U is for unicorn.

V is for volcano and Valentines Day.

W is for watermelon, water beads, and winter.

X is for ‘X marks the spot’.

slime ideas from a to z

Y is for yellow.

Z is for zebra.

Use all these clever ideas to make memorable, sensory Alphabet bags for toddler, preschool, kindergarten, and first grade kids.

If you love slime then you’ll love this list of slimey alphabet ideas. There is a slime recipe or idea for every letter of the alphabet!

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