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Alphabet Playdough Ideas from A to Z

These alphabet playdough ideas and recipes are great for hands-on letter learning.

Alphabet Playdough Ideas from A to Z - so many fun, creative ideas for kids of all ages from toddler, preschool, kindergarten, first grade, and more #playdough #kidsactivities #alphabet

Playdough Alphabet

Make a special batch of playdough for your letter of the week activities, or set up a playdough activity for each letter of the alphabet. Make a apple scented playdough, set up a bee play dough activity, or try a cat play dough mat. There are enough playdough ideas on this to keep you playing right through the alphabet.

Each letter of the alphabet has a playdough recipe, activity, or printable (or two, or three, or more!) to go with it. No matter what letter your kids are learning there is a fun playdough idea to go with it.


Alphabet Playdough Ideas

Unique playdough recipes for a is for apple, b is for blueberry and c is for cake and d is for dandelion

A is for apple, and ants.

B is for blueberries, bats, and butterfly.

C is for cherries, cake, cookies, cinnamon and caterpillar.

D is for dandelion, donut, dinosaur, and duck

Play dough activities for eucalyptus, fairy, gingerbread, hedgehog, and more

E is for egg, and eucalyptus.

F is for flowers, fairies, and farm.

G is for gingerbread, Grinch, galaxy and giraffe.

H is for honey, and hedgehog.

play dough recipes for ice cream, jungle, kool aid, ladybug, and more

I for insects, and ice cream.

J is for jungle, jelly beans, and jello.

K is for kite, and kool-aid

L is for lemon, lavender, ladybug, and leaves.

activities using playdough for minion, nature impressions, ocean, penguin, and more

M is for minions, monsters, and mud.

N is for nest, night sky, and nature.

O is for ocean, owl, and octopus

P is for penguin, pumpkin, pizza, and peach.

alphabet kids activities for queen, rose, snowman, tools, and more

Q is for queen.

R is for reindeer, rose, rainbow and robot.

S is for snowman, strawberry, space, spider, and slime.

T is for tree, tools, and turkey.

playdough alphabet activities for unicorn, vegetables, water, xray, and more

U is for unicorn and ugly sweaters.

V is for veggie garden, and Valentines Day.

W is for watermelon, worm, and winter.

X is for xray.

letter y and letter z playdough activities for preschoolers and kindergartners

Y is for yarn, and yellow.

Z is for zoo and zebra.

If you love play dough then you’ll love this list of alphabet playdough ideas. There is a playdough recipe, activity or idea for every letter of the alphabet!

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Alphabet Activities

Looking for more fun alphabet activities? Try these:

Tons of fun, hands on alphabet activities for toddlers, preschoolers, and kindergartners using play dough

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