Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Letter R Hand Art Project (with free printable R Worksheet)

Next in the Alphabet Handprint Art Series is the letter "R". This week we are sharing a Letter "R" handprint craft by doing a cute rabbit handprint art activity. This craft is great for kindergartners as they learn the letter R. Don't forget to print the free printable to go along with it for more letter R practice.
Letter R worksheets and hand art - r is for rabbit

Letter R

This craft uses some paint and simple supplies to make a rabbit handprint. It's always a lot of fun to for the kids to see how their hand print can turn into something else. For this craft, you can make any color handprint for the rabbit's head, using another color like pink for the inner ears and nose. After the paint dries we use a marker or crayon to make the eyes and mouth. It's a simple and hands-on way to learn about the letter R!


  • Letter "R" is for Rabbit printable
  • A paint color of your choice for the rabbit's head (we used brown)
  • Pink paint for the nose
  • black marker or crayon
  • paint brush
  • wipes to clean hands

How to do the Letter "R" is for Rabbit Handprint Craft:

First, print the printable to go along with this craft. We like to practice the letter on the first page before making our handprint, and we do the next page while the rabbit handprint is drying.

Start by painting the palm and fingers brown (or another color for your rabbit's head). Don't put any paint on the thumb.

Now it's time to make the handprint! Make the print in the center of the paper with the pointer and middle finger together, and the ring finger and pinky together, leaving a gap between the middle finger and ring finger. Younger children may need help with this. Let the rabbit handprint dry completely before moving on.

After the handprint is dry, it's time to make the face. Use pink paint to make a triangle nose. Use the same pink paint to paint the inside of the ears pink as well. Use a black marker or crayon to draw eyes and a mouth. Now your queen handprint is complete!

While your rabbit is drying, complete the second page of the "R" is for Rabbit worksheet for more letter "R" practice!

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