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Spring Story with FREE Kindergarten Worksheets (Hank Finds an Egg)

Kids will have fun practicing kindergarten math and vocabulary with these free kindergarten worksheets to accompany this sweet story - Hank Finds an Egg.

Several years ago, I discovered Hank Finds An Egg at the bookstore. After quickly glancing through the book, I knew it would become a family favorite. My oldest loves to read it often. His interest led me to create learning activities that pair well with the picture book. Continue reading to see my ideas, and grab your own worksheets.

Kindergarten Spring Story with FREE Printables

Hank Finds an Egg book by Rebecca Dudley

Rebecca Dudley created Hank Finds An Egg. The sweet picture book is unique in a few ways. First, it is a wordless story. There is no text accompanying any of the images. 'Reading the pictures' is a critical skill for pre-readers to develop. My oldest often struggled with this task. I found that he was more successful at reading the pictures in textless books. It can be freeing for young readers to release the pressure of any text on the page. When able to focus solely on the images, students are better able to strengthen their ability to read the pictures.


The second thing that truly sets Hank Finds An Egg apart is the artwork. Rebecca Dudley has photographed scenes that look like a fairy tale come to life. The images are truly like magic. When reading the book, it feels like you have stepped into a magical world. Children will love 'reading' the photos of sweet, lovable Hank as he explores a green forest.


Kindergarten Math - Sequencing

Using a simple printable, it's easy to work on number sequencing with kids. Children add numbers to the eggs as Hank 'finds' them, sequencing from 1-10 along his path. Older children can be given skip counting tasks instead, challenging them to count by twos, threes, etc, along Hank's path. Using crayons or colored pencils, kids can add color to the eggs according to the directions listed. This task encourages attention to detail, and also throws some art & sight word practice into a math activity.


Kindergarten Worksheets - Language Practice

Inspired by Hank's discovery of an egg, I created a word search to inspire children to do some 'finding' as well. I pulled the word list directly from the story depicted in Hank Finds An Egg. Even a wordless book can provide practice with reading and vocabulary! Encourage kids to sound out and identify the word they are reading before they hunt for it in the puzzle.

More Kindergarten Worksheets

Hank Finds an Egg Kindergarten Book Activities using math and language practice

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