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FREE Musical Instruments Worksheets

Kids loves listening and dancing to music, with many children learning to play an instrument or studying singing as they grow. This Musical Instruments Printable Pack will introduce kids to popular instruments that they might be interested in learning to play; the piano, drums, guitar and their voice - singing.
FREE Musical Instruments Worsheets for kids are a fun way for preschool, kindergarten, and first grade kids to learn about instruments while counting syllables, writing, addition, counting puzzles, playing math games, writing numbers, and so much more! (Kindergarten worksheets)

FREE Music Printables

Musical Instruments Worksheets

Musical Instruments Printable Pack This 74-page printable pack contains a variety of math and literacy activities as well as many activities which help improve fine motor skills; all with a musical theme. The activities in this fun printable pack include: Math Activities There are many activities in this printable pack that focus on building math skills. There are clip and count cards that range from one to eight, counting puzzles that are great for skip counting practice and simple and addition cards as well. There is also a fun graphing activity. Instead of containing numbers, the dice in this printable pack contains pictures of musical instruments. Children will enjoy helping make the dice, then rolling it and graphing their rolls. There is also a fun I Spy activity, where children find and count the musical instruments and record the number they counted. Literacy Activities In this Musical Instruments printable pack, kids will enjoy matching the musical themed alphabet cards and tracing the names of the musical instruments. There are also syllable cards and beginning letter sound cards for children to enjoy as well as a fun musical unscramble activity and a musical alphabetical order worksheet.

Other activities include:
  • Size Sequencing Cards – Cut out, laminate and place in order from largest to smallest or vice versa.
  • Odd One Out – Circle the object that is different.
  • Coloring / Decorating Pages - Colour or decorate the musical instrument.
  • What Comes Next? – Cut out and paste the answer in the correct spot.
  • Finish the Patterns – Cut out and paste the answer in the correct spot.
  • Coloring Activity – Color in the object using the color listed below.
  • Do-A-Dot Letter Activity – Using a dot marker or bingo marker, dot out all of the correct letters.
  • 3 Part Cards – Can be used to match the words to the picture or in games such as memory. These cards can also be used together with the alphabet cards. using the alphabet cards to spell out the words.
  • Musical Matching Cards - These cards can be used in a variety of ways, and are especially fun for matching / memory games.

For all the cards and puzzles activities, I prefer to print them out on white card stock and laminate them for durability and repetitive use. They can be kept together in zip lock bags or with binder rings. After they have been cut out, laminate and use a peg or paperclip to clip or place a pom pom or candy onto the correct answer. 

Download Musical Instruments Worksheets

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