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FREE Fire Safety Worksheets

These super cute fire safety themed kindergarten worksheets are perfect for fire prevention week. Included are rhyming worksheets, syllable worksheets, cut and paste worksheets, and more!!
FREE Fire Safety Worksheets for preschool and kindergarten perfect for fire prevention week. Fun activities for kids to work on syllables, rhyming words, cut and paste activities, and more!

My daughter comes home from school having learned something new and exciting every day. It is purely amazing to me. One day she’s learning rhymes and the next day she comes home talking about syllables. It is so much fun, even for me! That’s why it’s even more fun to create printables that can help reiterate what she has already touched on in school.

Fire Safety Worksheets

firefighter theme

These printables are supplementary activities to what she learns at school and would work perfect if you are a homeschool family as well!

We chose Fire Safety Themed because not only is it extremely important but it is what she has been learning in school as well. It is something that all children need to learn. Even though the printable activities themselves do not have any review of fire safety itself, they are a perfect literary addition to a fire safety themed week or unit. Or really just for fun.

Fire Safety Themed Rhyming  Activty

The first page is a rhyming activity. The page asks the child to circle only the words or images that rhyme with the word HOSE. I found HOSE to be the easiest word that I could think of because of the variety of rhyming word options but also because it is a one syllable word that is easier to say than others. There are three matching words/images for the child to circle.

Kindergarten cut and paste worksheet for kids

The second pages is a cut and paste activity. Children will cut out squares that include number words for numbers 1 through 8. They will match these words to the numerical symbols for the numbers 1 through 8 that the fire fighters are holding. Number words are tricky, but it was great practice for beginning, middle and end sounds and introduction to number words.

Syllables Activity Fire Themed

The third page is all about syllables. I am not sure why I love them so much, but I do. The idea of this activity is that the child will determine how many syllables are in the word (also pictured in the square) and circle that number of pictures corresponding to the word. So for instance the word ‘sheild’ has one syllable. This means that the child will only circle one shield image in the image bank for that word. Each word has a different number of syllables.

It was very fun doing this activity with my daughter. I love that I can help with her education even more than the standard curriculum.

These literary activities would be great during a Fire Safety Themed Week or any other time of the year to be honest. We always need practice with our literacy and always need reminders of fire safety!

Download  Fire Safety Worksheets

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