Tuesday, August 29, 2017

FREE Beginning Sound Clip Cards

Kids will have fun practicing identifying beginning sounds with these fun clip cards.
FREE Beginning Sound Clip Cards are such a fun way for prek, kindergarten, and first grade kids to practice identify letter sounds at the beginning of words - a great skill for reading, phonics.

Beginnings Sound

This set includes 52 cards to practice all 26 alphabet letters in both upper case letters and lowercase letters.

kindergarten worksheets

All you need for these clever beginning sound clip cards the free printable (below) and mini clothespins.

use a laminator to make clip cards reusable

LOW PREP!  Just print in color and use a laminator for durability. Then cut apart the cards and you are all ready for a literacy center, after school activity, hands on homeschool project, or summer learning activity!

beginning sounds clip cards

Have children say the name of the picture out loud and listen for the sound the beginning letter says. Then have them put the clip over the letter that sounds like the first letter.

use a circle dot sticker to make these clip cards self correcting

HINT: I suggest putting circle stickers on the back to make these self-checking! You can do it however you like, but what we did was to put a red sticker on the back of the correct answer and green ones behind the others. This was kind of sneaky to not give away the answer as kids would naturally want to put the clothespin over the green if they cheated, but since they cover the correct answer (red) all they will see when they check is green - so they have the right answer. If they see red it is wrong.

Alphabet Worksheets

Download Beginning Sound Clip Card

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