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FREE Popcorn B and D Reversal Activities

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Help kids practice identifying letters b and d with these fun, free printable, hands on letter reversal activities for kindergarten age kids.
FREE Popcorn Reversal Activities - these hands on, free printable worksheets and activities are perfect for helping kids correctly identify and write b and d, p and q, for preschool, kindergarten, first grade, and 2nd grade

My daughter is doing so well in Kindergarten. She is learning so much and already reading. She can pick up books and read them all on her own. It makes me so happy and I know she gets excited too! One thing that she gets hung up on are the letter reversal. I know it is common, many kids have troubles with certain letters. I mean b and d or p and q - they are so closely related, no wonder kids get confused!

The only way I know to help my daughter is to give her fun activities that can help her practice clarifying which letter is actually which letter. In my experience, it is important to give her many activities to repeat a topic so that she can not only know it but understand it. Once this happens, she should be able to classify the letter as well as I can.

B and D

This packet can be printed and used one time only. You could also laminate the included items so that it can be used over and over with a dry erase marker.

There are 7 pages in the activity pack.

kindergarten worksheets

These two pages go together. The first page has a table with one square for each letter: b, d, p and q. The second page has popcorn pieces with the four letters on them. Cut these popcorn pieces out and combine them into a random pile. Have the child sort them out and put in the correct square. If using this one time only, the letters can be glued onto the right square.

If laminating, the items can just be placed there or velcro dots could be used.

differentiate b and d and p and q

The next page is for repetition. Each square of the table asks the child to write the letter in a different form. First they can trace, next they can write it alone, write with a crayon and then write a word that starts with that letter.

The fourth page is a space to circle the correct letter. On the first line it instructs children to circle the b, then the d, etc.

The fifth page is extra popcorn letter pieces. You could easily print more of just this page as well. I created this so that a matching game could be played. Depending on how many pieces you want in the matching game is how many pages you should print out.

The last page is for writing more words. There are two lines per letter. I try to help my daughter without doing it for her. If she chooses a word I will let her sound it out and try to spell it on her own.

These activities are simple yet will help so much. Repetition is so important in situations like this. Children can learn the difference, it just might take some fun practice like these activities.

This would be perfect for centers or morning work. This would also be fun homework too.

Download  Popcorn B and D Reversal Activities 

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